It seems that throughout the history there was a conflict between Theology and Science. The Science was always moving forwards with it's progressive ideas , and Theology seems to be standing in one spot, chained to the Bible and teachings of the Catholic Church. Let us really try to find the truth about both of them.

Relation between Theology and Science

Theology is Science about God, our knowledge about him. This knowledge is not scientific, it is more philosophic. So we could compare Theology to Philosophy. Is it possible to scientifically prove the existence of God? Actually , it's not. But it is also impossible to prove scientifically that he doesn't exist. There are established scientists who will come out with such theses, that they can prove that there is no God. On this website I will try to prove them wrong.

There are scientists who think that all the beings: plants, animals and humans were created by themselves in the process of evolution. This means that we were not created by God, and therefore we don't need to live according to his word. Although theory of evolution can have some truth in it, it is scientifically possible to prove that all the beings couldn't have been created by themselves. In Physics there is a quantity called entropy, which is a measure of disorder in a system. According to the second law of thermodynamics the entropy of an isolated system never decreases. Systems that are not isolated may decrease in entropy, provided they increase the entropy of their environment by at least that same amount. This means, if we want to create something, and we do so, we are actually leaving the environment in the state of grater disorder after that.

We can also explain it like this. According to the laws of Physics, and they haven't changed since short after the big bang, it is impossible that something in nature is created by itself. Let's say we want to create a washing machine. We need to have sheet metal, electro motor, some electronic parts, some plastic parts. We have to have knowledge how to construct washing machine, and energy to join all the parts together. If we bring all these components in the nature and just leave it there, will the washing machine create itself by chance. The answer is, no it won't, because of the same physical law that entropy in a system will never decrease. It will actually increase, meaning that in a few hundred years you will find those parts completely disintegrated by rust.

If something so simple like washing machine cannot be created by itself in the nature , even if you put all the parts in one place, then how would it be possible that something so complex as a human being could be created by itself, when laws of physics haven't changed for 13.7 billion years.

If we want to create something, we need to have material, knowledge and energy to create it. And still, everything that humans create is simpler then humans. Washing machine is a useful product, but there is no doubt that humans are much more then a washing machine. We can create computers that can perform huge numbers of mathematical operations in a short time, but if you don't plug it in, it is completely useless.

So the question is who created humans? Theory of evolution teaches that life was created by itself, by joining atoms and molecules that were dissolved in water, under the influence of electric charges from lightning. These atoms joined to form molecules, they joined to form even bigger molecules which finally formed some simple life forms. They further evolved into more complex beings. The beings tried to survive, so they adopted to the environment and became more complex during a long period of time. These animals that were living in water, started to leave the water and inhabited the dry land. They further evolved into more complex animals like mammals, some of which finally evolved into a human being. The only problem is, nothing in nature changes from simpler to more complex by itself, because of the same entropy that is never decreasing. So the question is again: How is it possible that humans and other beings were created by themselves, and yet we are unable to find simpler things to be created by themselves in the nature like washing machines, engines, furniture, bicycles etc. The answer is: Living beings were not crated by themselves, but by someone who has more knowledge, more power and more material then humans. They were created by God.

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